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Our Partners


The Oxford Initiative on AI × SDGs

The Oxford Initiative on AI × SDGs seeks to determine how artificial intelligence (AI) has been and can in the future be used to support and advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The initiative aims to help policymakers, especially those operating within the sustainable development space, tackle SDGs more effectively, by identifying global problems AI may help solve, and recommending tools and best practices for doing so. It will also seek to create a network of socially good AI projects and will aim to draw important lessons from real case studies in order to advance evidence-based ethical guidelines for future AI projects for social good more generally.

Within the AIxSDGs initiative, a database of international projects that use AI to support one or more of the SDGs was created. The repository seeks to support the ethical design, development, deployment, and use of AI applications in tackling social and environmental problems.

Given the synergies between the projects, we aim to build a collaboration and to join the efforts towards the common goal of AI for social good.



The Pashang Research Team

Researchers at the University of Waterloo are examining whether and how AI can impact socio-ecological issues. Currently, they are progressing numerous academic research projects ranging from digital financial inclusion, institutional ESG and financial performance analysis, COVID-19 biotech/pharma exploration, and more. Some areas they are exploring include:

Industry: a) financial institutions and investors seeking real-time and predictive ESG data and analytics to support more informed responsible investing, b) who seek alternative disclosure data to uncover and assess company ESG performance; and
Society: underserved and unbanked individuals living in poverty who can be supported by a more inclusive digital economy and society to enhance their living conditions

For partnership opportunities, please reach out to our Research Associate
Aiden Sarrafzadeh


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